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Venture Capital Developments Pty Ltd

When your viewpoint is universal, you see the world differently. Venture Capital Developments Pty Ltd is a truly international property development company; we are constantly scouring the world for innovative design or technological initiatives to bring to local markets, and interpreting new concepts for local conditions. We love to work with the very best architects and designers the world has to offer, as our collection of current and future developments will attest.

Venture Capital Development Pty Ltd is a highly successful and profitable company which comes under the Multinational Holdings umbrella. It operates in the theatre of fund management, property management, investment management & property development in Australia.

Venture Capital Development is a company registered under the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. Its current operation yields many millions of dollars per year, and is one of fastest growing arms of Multinational Holdings Group of Companies.

Within the last few years it has been growing many folds. Local knowledge, technical know-how, proper decision-making, experience in the field of operation and expertise of the key personnel have contributed to its fast growth and success.

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