The Forecast

Market Assessment

Properties in Australia have a strong demand as evidenced by rising prices and the delivery of new projects. However, price growth should resume in the medium to long term as dwelling shortages, population growth and other fundamental factors drive market conditions. Therefore, it is identified that investment on properties, double the property price over 7 to 10 years time (even before that in certain periods).

Natural birth and the migration programme, has created a huge demand via 'first home' buyers and rentals. An INVESTOR in property in Australia therefore stands to reap a harvest in a short time just by his/her investment alone. On the other hand, the Australian Dollar keeps up an upward trend against major currencies of developed and developing countries, augmenting the return from re-sale of property. Venture Capital Development can arrange approval for buying property in Australia, and can arrange financing up to 80% from most reputed banks.

Rental growth

The persistent imbalance between strong demand and weak supply has underpinned house prices and with the limited supply of rental accommodation, has driven rents higher. It is further estimated that the stock shortage may be exacerbated in the short-term because of the lags associated with construction, planning and regulatory approval.

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