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Multi-unit housing and commercial buildings constitute medium or high density buildings that would be manageable in urban environments. The density of apartment and multi-unit housing developments make them well suited to urban environments and they should be located close (ideally within walking distance) to shops, playgrounds, parks, train stations and other public transport, schools, and other amenities. This improves social amenity for the residents and contributes to minimising motorised transport use, reducing the travelling costs.

Our Purpose

We are focussed on developing sustainable, energy efficient dwelling for general public at an affordable price. In recent years, Australia's population increase has been significantly augmented by high levels of legal immigration at a steady pace, in addition to population increase through natural birth. A situation has developed where the supply significantly lags behind supply, leading to a critical shortage of housing, both for sale and for rent, thereby creating a surge in property values. As such, the rental market has been placed under increasing pressure, with rents rising rapidly to a point where people have been forced to settle for expensive accommodation that is unsuited to their needs or desires. We are very careful when it comes to selecting a location for development. Such decisions are always made with the aim of providing the client with opportunities for considerable return on investment with regard to RENTALS AND CAPITAL GROWTH.

Australia needs more housing - and quickly. In the first instance, what Australia needs is affordable, top quality, housing. From its inception Venture Capital Developments has exclusively directed its attention toward providing for the needs of this rental housing. The prime focus of Venture Capital Development is two-fold - to create great homes at an affordable price for those who so desperately need them, and to provide them where capital growth can be maximized.

It is a fact that of all the states/territories of Australia, Victoria has been, and still is, the most favoured destination for many migrants from overseas. As a result there is a continuous and constantly increasing high demand for housing in Victoria.

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